About Tourist Threads

This site was founded on two simple things: dreaming big and free time.


The founder has been an entrepreneur in the T shirt industry since college in ’06 and while yet never cracking it big, he’s never lost hope! Through years of staying up late, dreaming of $100k vacations, private jets and the good life, this guy has damn near virtually visited every island and exotic tourist spot in the world (Thank you Google Maps!).


What is a problem solver to do? No, not spend the 100 G’s and get on a plane, he simply printed up a tee with an exotic location on it and started “visualizing” himself going there! Yea, hasn’t worked yet, but Damn its a cool concept!


So now for all of you who are tired of claiming Florida as your favorite vacation spot, can’t stand seeing those damn rich kids at school with their new tourist T shirts, and can’t come up with any more excuses of why you’re not on an exotic island scuba diving all day - this is your chance!


Turn the tables, be the cool kid! Be the celebrity for a day. Walk into your local pub with a shirt on from an exotic safari in Africa and let all those haters gossip and wonder what you do for a living!


Next time you get the urge to blow $100k on a vacation and your account is hovering on $100, remember our motto: “Can’t Fly? Just Lie.”


From wherever we want to be, with love:


The Tourist Threads Crew